Just like mom always told you, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


The Foremost Professional Series collection of range hood inserts is simply the best of all range hood inserts available in the market today.  With the Professional Series, a commercial styled, heavy duty, high powered insert is now available for use in your very own home. Foremost makes inserts that are adaptable to fit most tapered, chimney, standard, and shallow mantle types of wooden hoods that are being produced by the top manufacturers of kitchen cabinetry.



Take a look under the hood.FRHI_motor

Foremost Inserts are manufactured of durable stainless steel. Within the tough exterior, there is a powerful German made motor providing the dynamic capabilities you demand from your kitchen hood. Our models produce maximum power ranging from 600 to 900 to 1800 CFM. The wood hood is the beauty, but the insert is the power.




Makeup Air Compatible

All models of Foremost range hood inserts are makeup air system ready to external makeup air inlet vents if required by local codes. Each one can also be configured upon installation to vent the outside of your home, or to recirculate through an optional carbon filter recirculation kit. Foremost range hood inserts are compatiable with all manufacturers’ makeup air systems on the market.




Range_Hood_LightThe convenience factors of Foremost hood inserts will surely set the benchmark for what consumers should expect from their appliances today. All models, excluding the 48S,  feature the brightest energy efficient LED lights producing 1000 Lumens (equivalent to two 50 watt halogen lamps) of pleasing light for better rendition of food.  The 48S features 2000 Lumen LED lights (equivalent to four 50 watt halogen lamps). All models have four light settings that range from nightlight to full intensity.



FRHI_remote_controlCooking a large meal with all burners going? Our remote control allows you to control your vent power and cooking light without having to stand directly in front of or having to reach above hot, steaming pots.

The remote control has advanced functionality for your added convenience. Set the “Delay” and walk away. “Delay” allows you to leave the fan running for a three minute cool down period, automatically turning the ventilator off while you are elsewhere enjoying your meal. Set the “Memory” for reserving fan and lighting settings that you like to use the most. Alternatively, you can always control the lighting and ventilation levels with the convenient knobs on the underside of the hood.



If you are serious about cooking then you need a serious hood insert.

It’s sole purpose is to make your time in the kitchen as pleasant and successful as possible.