Professional Series

Range Hood Inserts

Key Features

All key features come standard across the entire Foremost Range Hood Insert model line.


Adaptable Design
Built-In Heat Sensor
Variable Fan Speeds
Remote Control



7 insert models adapt to fit nearly any wooden hood on the market today



Automatically turns the exhaust fan on when high heat is detected



“Whisper Quiet” to maximum speed for optimal odor removal



Remote control with memory and delay off


Super Bright LEDs
Easy to Clean
Up to 1800 CFM
Eliminate Standard Hood Liners


Dimmable to night light level. *Brightness equivalent to (2) 50 Watt Spot Halogen Lamps


Patented commercial style baffle filters never clog and are dishwasher safe


Highest power built in exhaust fans available with up to 1800 CFM*


Designed to eliminate and replace standard hood liners


*All fans meet make up air requirements. Units are shipped at 350 CFM. Click Here for more information.

Most competitor brands do not offer these features across their entire model line.

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maximum value and surpass the competition.




Just like mom always told you, it's what's on the inside that counts.

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